Pres. Obama claimed that ended the crisis in Darfur was a priority – but he has dropped the ball on this campaign promise, to the detriment of fragile lives in Darfur.

As Mark Lotwis writes from the Save Darfur Coalition:

This new phase of the crisis in Darfur might not make as many headlines, but the suffering continues.

The daily attacks of years past have been replaced by constant suffering in refugee camps. Every day, 2.7 million people face hunger, disease, fear that the next food shipment may not arrive—and the constant threat of violence.

Hilary’s State Department, General Paternalus, and Obama are espousing a myopic view that Jews living in the Old City of Jerusalem, on Mount Scopus, in Efrat and Hebron are the most serious impediment to world peace.

Send a postcard to the White House to remind them that Darfur’s suffering is a gaping moral shortcoming of his first 6 months in office.

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