Members of the US Maccabiah Fencing team at the shuk

Members of the US Maccabiah Fencing team at the shuk

The Jerusalem Post reports that “3,500 international athletes and 1,500 accompanying relatives from 60 countries are staying in 1,700 hotel rooms for 14 nights… And that’s only a portion of the 5,000 athletes arriving in Israel for the 18th Maccabiah games next week.”

Yes we are verily inundated with young Jewish athletes. Pictured above are 5 members (sorry I cut you off #5 – seriously, SO sorry!) of the US Maccabiah fencing team whom I plied with Gat infused juice and Kambucha tea from the Yemenite healer man as well as Marzipan Rugelach in the hopes that it would slow them down a bit and my beloved Canadian Maccabiah fencing team might have an edge. I don’t think it worked though. They enjoyed my impromptu tour of the shuk and then gave me a pin. Drats. Foiled again. In any case, who am I supposed to root for? They’re all friggin Jews.

Uh… go team!

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