The Mad Man from Libya has gotten into a skirmish with Rabbi Shmuley. He messed with the wrong rabbi.

The Libyan uprooted trees, Shmuley argued, and destroyed other stuff on the border between Shmuley’s house and the Libyan’s. There was a protest there today. Shmuley took his case to CNN, MSNBC, and beyond in order to keep Gaddafi far far far away from Englewood, New Jersey. Jpost Reports Gaddafi won’t show up for the showdown.

Bowing to pressure from US lawmakers and members of New Jersey’s Jewish community, Libyan officials said Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi has scrapped plans to pitch his tent in that state during a visit to America next month.

Gaddafi, who is expected to attend the UN General Assembly, had planned to camp out in a Jewish neighborhood in Englewood, New Jersey, after New York City officials said he could not pitch his tent in Central Park.

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