jewlicious-festival-logoBarbara Babbs Streisand played an exclusive show recently at the Village Gate. Over 40 years since she first audition there, was turned down, then became the Streisand that world loves.

Another Jewish musician played the Village Gate, and was not turned down, and recorded that session for eternity. Shlomo Carlebach’s At the Village Gate remains one of his best live albums, complete with glasses breaking in the background. Recorded in 1963 – 46 years ago – it highlights an era when a Jewish folksinger could be a proud Jew amid the cacophony of movements for social change.

At Jewlicious Festival we highlight contemporary Jewish folksingers whenever we can. They connect with the Festival’s vibe, and bring joy and humor to the stage. They compliment the rock, rap, dj’s, hip-hop, fusion, jazz, and other styles you can find.

If you know a Jewish folksinger that we should have at Jewlicious – shoot us an email. While we don’t have a budget to fly them in, we have spots on the schedule for a handful of up and coming folksingers.

Jewlicious Festival 6.0 – Feb. 19-21, 2010 – Long Beach CA
Tickets go on sale in November!

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