I came across the inspiring story about Rami Treistman, a 17 year old Israeli boy studying at Boys Town Jerusalem, with a tough childhood who is making people happy through his Simcha Band business.

While many of his classmates spent their summer vacations relaxing at the beach, senior Boys Town Jerusalem student Rami Treistman, a self-described “one man band,” spent the time breaking into the Israeli business world. A talented musician who helped organize a student band at Boys Town, Rami officially established his own entertainment company in June–and the rest is history. From the start, the 17-year-old entrepreneur has done a brisk business in providing background music and singing, equipment, lighting, and further services for a host of Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties, sheva brachot, and other celebrations. What’s more, he’s hired one of his Boys Town teachers to perform as a vocalist and guitarist at various events as well.
Rami, who plays guitar, piano, flute and accordion, is also a singer. After making the decision to open his entertainment services company, “Simcha for Every Event,” he invested in a high-quality keyboard and sound equipment. Simultaneously, he networked with other professionals to offer expanded resources upon request, such as professional studio recordings, floral arrangements, and more. One such alliance is with his teacher, Boys Town’s physical education director Doron Deutsch, who he hired as a lead singer. “Many years before Doron became a sports, Doron did exactly what I’m doing—minus the keyboard,” Rami explained.
Ram’s goal is to expand their repertoire to perform at larger events such as weddings and festivals. Both musicians frequently volunteer their services at Boys Town, where they’ve performed for such campus events as Bar Mitzvah celebrations for youth from Sderot.

Beyond the world of simcha music – Rami is helping to develop ways for using music to help kids with ADHD. The project involves psychology, music, and technology. Rami is testing whether sound processing and musical accompaniment can help ADHD students to focus.

You can keep track of Rami’s through his Facebook group.

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