Here we go again…

I just realized that I can write 10 posts on nothing but this or that new Passover video. I don’t have time for that, so instead, I’m just going to post them as I see them here. Enjoy!

First on the mike is my man Hank, come on Hank sing that song, check it out… err. I mean, here’s a lovely and thought provoking video by the fine folks at It’s kind of Russian themed because the donor that paid for it is Russian apparently, but that’s just a stylistic thing… it’s neat!

There’s a lot more after the bump!

The next two vids are from viral video machine William Levin (the Jewish Robot guy). The first is features “Bitter Herb” a grouchy Jewish comedian (who kinda reminds me of an older David Kelsey). The video was commissioned by Birthright Israel. Woohoo!

William’s next video was commissioned by Manischewitz. Ladies and gentlemen, the Matzo Ball Olympics! Yeah, that’s ROI videographer and honorary Jew Zach Timm in there…

This next one is called Matzalaya. No. It has nothing to do with anyone’s ex-girlfriend. It’s actually a pretty good remake of Hank Williams’ Jambalaya and it’s some kind of family project, music and lyrics by daddy Dovid Kerner, illustrations by the whole Kerner Klan.

Next up is Mama Doni who channels Tom Tom Club in this little reggae tinged ditty called Rasta in Pasta. I know it’s aimed at kids but I kinda like it. Added Bonus? Her I Love Herring Song, no doubt an homage to Ariel Beery.

The next two vids come from Israel. No one beats Israel for uhm, off color humor, so enjoy! The first video is an illustration of the 10 plagues, done at the expense of a cute dog and you can enjoy it even if you speak no Hebrew. The second one requires some Hebrew skillz, but it is funny. Ask your local moving company to translate it for you! Heh…

Dog And Duck – Happy Passover Clip by Gaga Production House

Happy Passover from THEBOX:

So there ya have it. Loads of Passover Goodies. If we missed any, let us know in the comments!

Wait. I know some folks in Jerusalem who are going to have a hard time getting their hands on edible Passover goodies. So how can I write a Passover-related post without asking you for your help in Saving Passover for some families facing economic difficulties in Jerusalem? Well, I can’t. Click on the link below and help us out. No amount is too little!!

And if you want to make a large donation and/or need a tax receipt, you can contribute to Leket (formerly known as Table to Table), Israel’s national food bank, by clicking here. Passover begins Monday night and there are thus only 2 shopping days left prior to the seder! Just sayin’ is all…

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