DeScribe’s Harmony EP just hit stores today! Pick up the CD/Download or the signed limited edition, visit Shemspeed Direct, here! If you want to grab it from iTunes, click here. Either way, check out the Award Winning Harmony Music Video, above. Here is a little background on Shemspeed’s head quarters in Crown Heights. “It’s been almost 20 years since the Crown Heights riots showed the ugly face of racial tension that exists between the Black and the Jewish communities Shemspeed’s Brooklyn neighbourhood. Many efforts since then have been made to create multi-ethnic/cultural programming and social structures to work towards peace and mutual understanding between the two communities, but still today a lack of real communication remains, and most of all, the tension still remains. In a recent wave of violence and rising crime in Crown Heights it has become obvious that we must push for “raising an awareness of the need for racial harmony in Crown Heights and in the world.” DeScribe, in collaboration with a multi-racial group of Crown Heights and Brooklyn residents, is attempting to do just that through a powerful new Hip Hop music video which delivers a clear and conscious message of racial and religious HARMONY.”

p.s. We are at #9, help us get to #1 and Vote Vote Vote for Electro Morocco’s remix of Matisyahu. IT’S THE BEST ONE!!!

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Founded by Erez Safar, Shemspeed is an independent recording label & promotional agency devoted to producing and developing dynamic multi-cultural artists and interactive media.