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ibsinWhen Isaac Bashevis Singer’s stories were serialized in the Yiddish Forward, the Chassidic typographers complained about the pornographic content. He’s even better on stage. The devil, demons, and infidelity are better in live performances. Especially the demon played by Sarah Grace Wilson. Based on Isaac Bashevis Singer’s The Unseen as adapted by Mark Altman, SIN is less the story of a man seduced by a demon, and more about the spiritual struggle in its aftermath. Now playing at the Baruch Performing Arts Center, the reviews have been great!

Mixing humorous one-liners with hints of the supernatural, the production somehow balances its shifting moods, injecting questions of faith and human nature into what, in other hands, might simply play as a domestic drama.

There are two ways you can get there. You can buy tickets or you can send an email to [email protected] with the subject “WIN SIN” and we’ll give two randomly selected winners a pair of tickets to the show on the night of their choice!

How much easier can a contest get?? Singer would be proud. Anyhow, send that email fast! We’ll be informing winners on Sunday the 28th of March. Oh and read the review by the Forward!

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