As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. But what about foresight?

The Future?

Although no one is truly clairvoyant, thou shalt not under estimate visionaries. A century ago, the Jewish world dealt with communal changes like ones we see today: assimilation, reform, political ferment. The world wars had yet to break out, the Zionist movement was still in an infant stage and, needless to say, the state of Israel did not exist because the Ottomans were still in charge of the region. Hence, no one could have possibly imagined the world of 2010, much less 1948. Or could they?

What do ‘we’ think will be of the Jewish people 100 years from today? This question and more will arise tomorrow morning in a special event equipped with strategic thinkers, futurists, and even a mathematician…

For all those unfortunate souls who don’t reside in Israel, you can still tune in tomorrow here on Jewlicious for an interactive, LIVE Web Broadcasting. Or for those who need options, it will also be available on Leadel.NET, The Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem online, and ShalomLife.

OR if you’re one of those curious types and want more information, check out our event profile on Facebook, sign-up, and do share the vision with your friends.

Event Details:
Date / Time: 22 April 2010, 11:30-13:00 (Israel Time)
Location: Radio Station 11, Sammy Ofer Building, IDC Herzliya Campus, ISRAEL

Mark your Google calendars and update your time clocks accordingly…

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