Moshav headlined the inaugural Camp Jewlicious last Staurday night, August 21st, 2010 in a barn at Camp Alonim, Brandeis, California. Here they are singing Aba Shimon. David would have recorded more but he was too busy having fun. The set was one of the best ever, and to top it off, a reunion of sorts. Moshav’s original drummer Danny Roth, who was visiting LA, camp up to Camp, and jumped on stage for the final song.

What we call The Barn is actually the Camp Alonim Recc Hall. This hall has amazing karma and good vibes. It was built in 1953 and is adorned by original early Zionist murals on the walls. The rafters, stage, lights, and backstage barn doors are all original.

In addition to Moshav, we enjoyed a stellar performance by Mikey Pauker and Jered Stein, and Jewlicious Festival Fav Eric Schwartz aka Smooth E. Mikey and Jered also led music at the Havdallah Bonfire.

Thank you Eitan G who ran the sound for us at The Barn, and everyone who came and had a good ole’ time!

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