Have you registered for Birthright Israel? While contemplating your free 10-day trip, which will be awesome, why not contemplate what you will do after the trip? Like you’re already there right? Why not stay a while? And if so why not consider spending a few super inexpensive weeks with Livnot U’Lehibanot in the mystical city of Tsfat? What follows will be a series of guest posts related to the program – the ideal post-Birthright Israel experience! Anyhow, enjoy:

I had just completed a bicycle ride from London to Jerusalem, crossing North Africa and riding throughout the Sinai desert. I was searching. For what? Perhaps for meaning. Perhaps for comradeship. Or-more likely-for home. I was exhausted, but still had plans to ride on to India. A friend saw how tired I was and suggested I take a break. Little did I know the physical and spiritual challenge that was ahead of me at Livnot. There were multiple hikes a week in our backyard of the Galilee- night hikes to ancient synagogues, desert hikes, treks through olive groves, sea-to-sea hike; There were 3 days of back to back hikes. Even the fit people were wrecked. It was exhilarating to conquer this unexplored territory, everyone felt more powerful and confident afterward. Our guide was cool and sincere. We blindfolded ourselves to redefine nature. With our most important emphasized sense obstructed, we were forced to trust in ourselves and our partners to understand the world differently.

Livnot U’Lehibanot was the most important program that I have ever attended; I include my own university education in that description. It has captured the imagination, admiration, and loyalty of hundreds of young people. It has transformed lives. It certainly did mine. It instilled in me a deeper appreciation of Judaism, a stronger grasp of my own identity and a love for the land of Israel.

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  • I did this program after Birthright. I can not verbalize how great it was. It gave me a chance to tangibly give back to Israel with fun community service projects. The hiking was amazing and Tzfat is a mystical unique community. I recommend this to everyone that is interested in connecting with themselves, connecting to nature, and connecting to a special community.