On behalf of Jewlicious, we offer our prayers and support to the people of Japan.

The LA Jewish Federation is collecting funds to help in the relief and rescue effort, and you can make a donation here – all of the donation will go to relief efforts.

In addition, we offer our prayers and support to our brothers and sisters in Israel, in the wake of the brutal murder of a Jewish family on Friday night. The Jewish Federation in Miami has opened a fund to help the orphans.

The world is in great flux. From natural disasters of unprecedented proportions in Japan, and great upheaval in the Middle East, to continued economic woes in our country, we are living in a unique, scary and pivotal time. I know many people have confided in me that they are glued to the news, trying to make sense of things as they unfold, and uncertain what the future will bring.

And Purim is Saturday approaches.

Purim is a time of unbridled joy and unity for the Jewish people. On the even of destruction, the Jewish people were saved. The mystic and historic dimensions of Purim continue to reverberate more than 24 centuries after Esther and Mordechai. On a practical level, we are giving tzedakah to the poor, gifts to our friends, hearing the megillah, and enjoying festive meals and parties.

But with all that seems to be wrong — is this anytime to be having a party?

Yes, yes, yes.

it’s time now to celebrate life, come together as a community, and support those in need.

If you are in Los Angeles: This Saturday night, March 19th at 9:30pm, join me at Purimpalooza, LA’s largest Purim celebration, at Hollywood’s Music Box Theater.

We will be collecting funds for those in need here and abroad, packing gift baskets for the elderly, and celebrating Purim together like NEVER BEFORE.

Use the promo code “JConnect” to save $5 off the ticket price, and have your first drink on us.

Feel free to post Purim events in the comments below!

May you and your loved ones enjoy peace and blessings,


Register for PURIMPALOOZA VIII: A Purim Confidential, Sat. March 19 in Hollywood, CA  on Eventbrite

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