Hundreds of hours of travelling, pay-less gigs, bouts of depression, luck, and hard work. This is the backdrop for a new documentary about Kosha Dillz,”Kosha Dillz Is Everywhere”. Kosh— who will be on the Vans Warped Tour starting next week — is a regular at Jewlicious Festivals, having performed handful of times, always managing to pump up the audience and deliver. Recently with Shemspeed, JConnetla and Kosha, Jewlicious created the only independent Yom Haaztmaut musical celebration in LA this year,a Hip Hop Salute To Israel, which brought out all kinds of rappers, and hundreds of people to support Israel’s birthday.

The documentary trailer is a great look at what a musician does to make it today. As Christopher Stipp writes in Slashfilms:

this is a trailer that gets to the heart of what any struggling musician, who’s worth the effort, is doing in order to have their thumbtack placed on the map of great musical legends. I walked away from this inspired that no matter what happens, as long you keep fighting and struggling and making noise in order to be heard there’s bound to be someone listening.

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