Today in Jews, August 23, 2011 (Los Angeles) With Jews under attack in Israel and strange news from J Celebs in the press, revolution in Libya, earthquake near DC, it’s just been a very busy day.

Missles continue to rain down on Israel – and not condemnation from the UN Security Council. A man had a heart attack – which saved him from being killed. His house was directly hit while he and family were in hospital with him.

Charges dropped in Dominique Strauss– Whether or not he is guilty, it will be interesting to see if this high ranking politician in France will run for presidency.

Tragic life of Amy Winehouse has a new sad ending. We don’t know how she died.

Jerry Leiber, 78, co-wrote “Hound Dog” and other hits has passed away in Los Angeles.

The Jewish angle on the revolution in Libya, and the collapse of Mad Man Quaddafi — Rebels asks leader of UK’s Libyan Jews to run for office

Last but not least – I penned an article about the rebirth of Jewish life in Detroit here – and now it’s also on Huffpost.

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