Don’t you just love getting reprimanded by your mother over the phone while you’re on holiday?

Case here, I was shopping at Century21 in Manhattan today. They had this Nordicware baking tin that I’d considered getting for a while:

In Germany it sells for roughly 35€, at Century21 it was marked at $15.97 and it rang through for $3.99! I asked the cashier if that was right (mind you, the trouble those cashiers can get into weighs way more than the joy of getting something cheaper than what one was willing to pay anyway), she then asked one of those managers, and he said it was okay.

Alright, there’s no guarantee they won’t fix the price in their system, but there were still roughly a dozen of those tins (in the basement, where all the baking trays are), and if you’ve considered getting one anyway, either price is great.

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