Jewlicious will be holding a Shabbat Tent Passover Seder at Paid Dues Festival lead by rapper Kosha Dillz at 6pm on April 7, 2012, in San Bernardino, California.

Paid Dues, one of the nation’s largest hip hop shows, coincides this year with the Jewish festival of Passover. With many Jewish attendees planning to attend the Hip Hop Fest, the Jewish rapper Kosha Dillz who is performing approached Chang Weisberg of Guerilla Union and Murs about the possibility of hosting a small Seder at the Festival for anyone who wants to participate.

With support from the Festival organizers, Kosha approached me about the possibility of Jewlicious and the Shabbat Tent project ( creating a Passover Seder complete with Matzah, grape juice and a Haggadah

With so many Jewish attendees not wanting to miss out on Passover, it made sense to help create a seder at Paid Dues. Thanks to their support, the Seder will be available to people of all backgrounds.

“This might be the first time in history that anyone ever combined live hip-hop and Passover,” said Kosha Dillz who is performing with artists such as Wu Tang, Odd Future and Mac Miller. “For me it’s the only way I can play this amazing festival with family approval.”

Information on the Holiday will also be available for all attendees at the “Shabbat Tent” through- out the day, which is slated for a 6PM Seder. You may also find some of your favorite rappers in attendance.

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