Tiyul B’Aretz is a new way of engaging Israel outside the current institutional avenues. If only this program was around when I was in college!

Tiyul B’Aretz is run by Tamar Field-Gersh and her huband Akiva Gersh, both idealistic, passionate, and brilliant American olim. [Full disclosure, I had the honor of performing their chuppah] They came up with an idea for a university-accredited, semester study abroad program in Israel for college students looking for an educational experience that takes learning beyond the classroom walls. No more Overseas building. No more dorms. Just Israel.

Here are some highlights:

Travel. There is no one set campus on our program. Throughout the semester we travel to different locations, using the people and land of Israel as our campus and as our living classroom.
Learning. Students will learn in both “traditional” and experiential ways, supplementing their class sessions with hands-on encounters related to their academic studies.
Community. Students live in a community setting that serves as the basis for the real magic of the program, not only learning together, but exploring together, cooking together, having fun together and supporting one another.
Environmental Living. One of the guiding values of Tiyul B’Aretz is learning about environmentally sound living practices and implementing them into the daily life of the program.
Personal Growth. Students are encouraged to use their educational experience on Tiyul B’Aretz not just as an academic excercise but as a means towards personal growth and self-awareness.

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