It’s 3:31am. I can’t sleep, get-up time is two hours to go, and checking in to Facebook has been no distraction really. Unless I aim for a serious case of political morning sickness.

From an outsider’s perspective, I’d like to share a few thoughts:
1) The President is elected by the Electoral College; this may or may not include you;
2) Neither candidate will bring about the Apocalypse, not even Gangnam style;
3) Political discourse is a good sign of a working democracy. Cheap polemics is not political discourse unless the grey matter in your skull is 40% earwax; (See what I did there?)
4) You don’t appear confident of either candidate’s victory if you need to push him hard on your (FB) friends at the last minute. At the very least, you could be handing out trinkets;
5) Nobody can take something away from you that you’ve never had. This includes Constitutional rights as the US Constitution can only be amended. The people is the sovereign in a democracy – live up to it;
6) It’s amusing to see the political divide between my tax-paying friends and those that don’t pay taxes in the US or dodge their tax duties. Cui bono? Who benefits? Honi soit…;
7) Baking cookies is good. Planting vegetables is good. Mocking either is mostly done by those that can do neither;
8) Neither candidate is dumb. They share a comparable educational background (to Tom’s regret, I believe);
9) Only hypocrites will consider race / ethnicity or religion a valid sign of qualification. Only mega-hypocrites will consider race / ethnicity or religion a valid sign of disqualification;
10) Either hold both candidates responsible for what a party member on the extremist side says or neither. Kin liability is is an ugly toad once it’s leaping across the board. Oh wait, scratch that! Would you please return those $200 to me I lent another US American?

On a final note:

Go Obomney!

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