Anyone who has been to a Birthright Israel Mega Event in the last few years knows who Shai 360 is. A veteran of pretty much every Mega Event I have ever been to, Shai 360 is not just a Birthright Israel success story, having returned to Israel after going on a Birthright trip, he is also a part of Israeli rap royalty thanks to his collaboration with TACT All-Stars and Subliminal. His latest album is Shalom Haters available at our friends on Shemspeed. Here’s some fun Shi 360 tracks begining with “Home” the official Birthright Israel song:

Speaking of Birthright Israel, if you’re Jewish, between 18-26 and haven’t been on a peer trip to Israel, you can still register for your free trip to Israel. Go to right now and do it NOW!

Check out Am Chofhsi Be’Artzenu – A Free Nation in our Land for a taste of Shi 360’s more pro-Israel activist bent:

Shi 360 appears at Jewlicious Festival courtesy of Taglit-Birthright Israel! If you want to re-live your Birthright trip or see what’s in store, order your tickets to the Jewlicious Festival today!

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