After a thorough search of all our cars, a pat down – twice- we made it through security. They confiscated knives and other implements of destruction like the jar of mayonnaise. They took sharpies and a one bottle of wine. Have no fear – we have gallons of more wine, white and red! This search makes the TSA seem like wimps. But enough about them, lets talk about the Shabbat Tent!

We are Located on lovely S. 104th Street in Downtown Lot 8. Head to 104th and Main and come down about half way. Look for the yellow smiley face flag!

The Tent will be hopping with food and refreshments all weekend long. Stop by anytime. Shabbat dinner is at 7pm Friday night. Saturday “services” at 11am and lunch at 1pm. Join us for Havdallah at 1am. Rabbi Yonah will be on hand to discuss the intersection of Torah, tents, music festivals, the Omer, Kabbalah, and more.

A delicious dinner awaits. Make sure to bring all your friends.


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