sol-tevelAlbum-photoTo celebrate Israel @ 65, Shemspeed announces its newest addition to the Shemspeed family of artists, Sol Tevél! In honor of this announcement, we’re offering you a Free Download of their single, Orolam (World Light).

If you aren’t yet familiar with Sol Tevél, imagine Euro-Latin star Manu Chao, reggae man Bob Marley, and Israeli bands Hadag Nachash and Sheva all mixed up. Led by Israeli-born Lior Ben-Hur, Sol Tevél is a San Francisco-based band that integrates sounds, rhythms, and languages from around the globe to advocate building a strong, conscious and united community worldwide. Sol Tevél just released World Light, their debut album, which sheds new light and contemporary interpretation on ancient Jewish texts, ideals and mysticism.
From Spanish rhythms and reggae beats to folksy guitar riffs, Sol Tevél connects their Hebrew roots to world culture. With these tunes Sol Tevél gives ancient words of Jewish prayer new meaning on songs like “Mode Ani” and “Hinei.” “How good and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to come together in peace and unity,” Ben-Hur sings. For Sol Tevel, the world is family.

Check out the music and artists at & Order the brand-new album World Light on iTunes, here.

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