Coachella is the biggest music and camping festival in SoCal. 80,000 people are expected to descend on the Empire Polo Grounds for the second weekend in a row, most of them under the influence of any number of mind altering health supplements. What am I doing here? It’s all about Shabbat Tent.

The idea of creating a way to observe Shabbat at a camping and music festival really got off the ground in 1999 at a legendary Phish show with Adam Weinberg and Rav Shmuel. Since then Shabbat Tents have been created across the country welcoming festival goers with Shabbat hospitality. There are meals, davening, Havdallah and more. Shabbat Tent does not push religion or any particular way of observing Shabbat. It’s accepting of everyone, offering not just a place to get refreshments – it is a place to chillax amid the craziness of the Fest.

So why are waiting? We are in line to get a place in line to wait in line to get in. It’s 5am and the Denny’s coffee is, well, Denny’s coffee. The team is psyched to set up shop, get the tent pimped out, and start hosting. Abe and Sarah would be proud.

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