LIFE_SENTENCE_REMIX_ARTShemspeed affiliate Eprhyme (Waywordwonderwill, Darshan, Boom Selectah) is about to drop his third solo album on legendary indy label K Records. “Lost Tapes and Found Sounds: 2006-2012” is composed of half brand new tracks – covering everything from the state of pop culture to the turmoil in the Middle East – and half unreleased and remixed tracks from the vaults, including an instrumental appearance from Shemspeed Mastermind Diwon. The album has that old-school organic mixtape feel – where every song is either a single or an unsung hero come home to reclaim the throne.

Lucky for us we don’t have to wait until June 11th for the full-length record release, Eprhyme is pre-releasing one of the wilder cuts from the album to check out. “Life Sentence – Pickster One Remix” is an insanely fresh remix of a classic Eprhyme track in the EDM Trap style with a psychedelic twist. This is meant to be played LOUD!!!!


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