Picture 36To celebrate the Nu Ju year/5774, Shemspeed wants to give you The Good Life and a Free sign up to Kosher in the Kitch’s Dinner Club! So here we go!

1. Diwon – Good Life (Free Download)
Fresh off the release of Diwon’s “New Game” album, get a Free Download of this infectious single, “Good Life” featuring your favorite artists favorite artists, Brody, Kyle Rapps, Y-Love & Nathan Sela.


note: if you haven’t seen the music video, check it, here.

2. Join The Dinner Club Get The First Month Free!
Rosh Hashanah Promo: Join The Dinner Club Get The First Month Free!

Stressed about constantly planning your dinner each night?

Kosher in the Kitch’s Dinner Club comes with weekly meal plans and delicious dinner menus sent directly to your inbox. Each menu includes five tasty recipes, as well as an organized grocery list telling you exactly which ingredients to buy.

Only 9.99 a month!

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