3You probably remember Mikey Pauker and his extraordinary love and live performances from the Jewlicious Festivals. Pauker put that love into one of the most amazing folk records recorded.

This is a folk album that pop culture fiends will love and Jewish enthusiasts will cherish. The album integrates elements of Bon Iver, the XX, Trevor Hall, The Civil Wars & Imagine Dragons and creates a fusion that’s both bumping and exalting. Hip hop producer Diwon (Y-Love, Bonhom) layers electronic beats on top of acoustic folk to produce one-of-a-kind soundscapes.

Extraordinary Love’s title track jumps right in with Pauker singing, “You’re powerful, extraordinary love.” It’s a theme that returns with songs like the dreamy “Top of the World” and the reggae-enfaced “Plenty of Love,” which features Jamaican dancehall artist Tj Di Hitmaker and Israeli-expat artist Lior Ben-Hur.

Partnership with other talented artists is the name of the game for Pauker. Platinum Hit (Bravo TV) alum Brian Judah (who has also worked for Glee’s Amber Riley) produced the album’s closing song, “Rain.”   

Pauker’s beautiful melodies and unique lyrics convey his desire to connect people with their inner light. His words, “The light, the light, I feel you, I found the rhythm of your soul yes it beats too,” from the song “The Light,” feature ex-Hasidic, gay rapper Y-Love. The folk meets hip hop on this track, a musical illustration of Pauker’s love that knows no boundaries.?

The album, released by Shemspeed, hits stores today and you could pick it up on iTunes, Bandcamp, and at www.mikeypauker.com

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