Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was one of the deepest spiritual beings that ever existed. His fame is known because of the Zohar (The Book of Splendor). A lot of Americans are familiar with the Zohar and Kabbalah from Madonna and Ashton Kutcher, but the real thing is the polar opposite of US Weekly. The Zohar is a series of books which is the basis for most mystical thought in Judaism. Today marks the anniversary of his passing and to celebrate his life and contribution 3 Shemspeed artists wrote songs dedicated to his memory. The first is by Y-Love & Yuri Lane and combines beat box and ancient Aramaic, a language that was popular in the time of the Talmud. You could download their full Sefira album of Beat Box and Raps made with no instruments at all, here. The second is by Benyamin and blends moroccan melodies with a club rhythm.

Y-Love & Yuri Lane – “Bar Yochai V. 613” 3:20 – (Free Download)
* Download the track Free and then pick up the full album with Y-Love & Yuri Lane on Shemspeed Direct, HERE.
Benyamin – “Bar Yochai” 3:23 – (Free Download)
* Download the track Free and then pick up Benyamin’s “Shir HaShirim” on Shemspeed Direct, HERE.

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