As we gear up for the last night, we wanted to give you the right music for the party. It took 3 thousand years, but finally there’s some hipster Hanukkah tracks for y’all to party to! On this EP, dubbed Sivivon, Diwon features singing and rapping from some of everyone’s Jewlicious performers, including Yehuda Solomon of Moshav, Kosha Dillz and Cobe Jones.

1. “Sivivon” ft. Cobe & Yehuda Solomon of Moshav
2. “Gonna Light” ft. Y-Love and Sarah Aroeste
3. Dr. Dreidel ft. Kosha Dillz & Cobe.
4. “Sivivon” (instrumental)
5. “Al Hanisim” (instrumental)
6. “Dreidel” (instrumental)

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