One of the most anticipated annual calendars is the one produced by Italian tire company Pirelli. The company that is the official supplier of Formula 1 tires has a calendar that usually features top models and celebrities posing nude or scantily clad and photographed by leading photographers. This year’s calendar is a bit different however. Most of the models are fully clothed and have been chosen for their accomplishments as opposed to their physical appearance. Included in the calendar is Jewish comedian and actress Amy Schumer who appears wearing only panties. Schumer described the photo in this tweet which we had to edit because it made Google Ads angry:

wtf adsense

The calendar was shot by famed Jewish photographer Annie Leibovitz who spent time honing her photography skills while volunteering on a kibbutz in Israel in 1969. Other Jewish women making an appearance in the calendar include writer Fran Lebovitz and 19-year old blogger, actress and magazine editor Tavi Gevinson.

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