Recently, the National LGBTQ Task Force organized an unprecedented protest against Israeli “Pinkwashing” and the apartheid country’s despicable abuse of the rights of LGBTQ Palestinians. The protest united Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority with leftist LGBTQ activists in the United States around the shared goals of achieving full equality and dignity for LGBTQ peoples as well as the destruction of Israel.

As one Task Force volunteer stated, “We are all in this together against the Zionist enemy. It’s easy to be fooled by the state sponsored LGBT propaganda that Israel deceivingly spreads through its various tentacle organizations, some of which are based here in the US, in order to fool the world as to its true genocidal intentions. And if that wasn’t sick enough, Israel is using the media to project its own deep-roooted homophobia onto Palestinian society as a whole. I have friends in Gaza who attended the LGBT Pride March in Gaza City last year. Everyone there knows that the murder of homosexuals attributed to Hamas are really committed by planted Israeli agents in order to give Hamas a bad name and justify Israeli crimes. All of us who believe in the cause of human rights must stand together against this vicious enemy.” A Hamas activist who participated in the protest concurred, adding that, “all oppressed peoples everywhere must support the Palestinian cause and right to self-determination. Once we have established our state on all of the occupied land, LGBTQ people will finally be able to live a life of truth without fear under the glorious Islamic law in the peace and security provided to everyone by the State of Palestine.” After the successful protest which was attended by thousands, the National LGBTQ Task Force is now in the process of planning a future event that will include impressive joint action with Iran and ISIS. “We believe that the LGBTQ cause can provide a common ground for oppressed peoples everywhere and be a vehicle for peacebuilding in the Middle East,” said Uga Buga, Executive Director of the NLGBTQTF

*Sally Pepperdil and Ismail Arafatush contributed to this article. This article was taken from: Queer Times – Middle East Edition

UPDATE: The Task Force Apparently rescinded its initial banning of Jewish American and Israeli organizations from its upcoming Creating Change conference (which was the impetus for this article ;)) The phenomenon of the LGBTQ community in general crying “Pinkwashing” and aligning itself against Israel still stands…

Guest post by Sarah Weil, founder of Jerusalem’s Womens Gathering

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