I met Erik Claster at the Beer Bazaar in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market. It was just past 11 am and he was already drinking a big mug of beer and chewing on some beef jerky. Apparently, this is the preferred dietary regimen of one who is training for a Dog Sled competition. With a name like Erik and a fine, viking-like ginger beard, he sure looked the part. However, Erik isn’t from any place anywhere near the arctic circle. He’s from Kansas and has been living in Israel for over 20 years. He’s never been on a dog sled.

See, every year this Norwegian outdoors/camping products company Fjällräven, organizes the Polar dog sled expedition with participants from around the world who are selected via online vote. There’s about a week left and if enough of you vote for Erik, Israel will be able to send it’s first representative ever to this, or any Dog Sled related event ever. Voting takes about 5 seconds, 7 if you’ve had too much beer. It’s really quite easy. Go ahead and do it. Do it now.

Like Erik said, if Jamaica can have bobsledders, Israel can have dog sledders. Except an Israeli oleh from Efrat won’t say “Mush” to get his dogs going. He’ll say “Mushkie!” and 13,752 women in Crown Heights will all turn around and be all “What?”

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