About Jewlicious

Inspiring Jews

Jewlicious is a grassroots organization changing the way young adults affiliate and participate in Jewish life. We support Jewish communities with training, resources, media, informal Jewish education, and events to foster young adult engagement. We develop and utilize networks, programming and social media, to promote creativity, social entrepreneurship, collaboration, inclusiveness and Jewish peoplehood.

Jewlicious began its existence as a group blog in the Summer of 2004. The initial crop of writers was made up of a diverse group of friends and acquaintances with an interest in Israel and Judaism. Thanks to fresh writing and a receptive audience, Jewlicious enjoyed almost immediate success. Shortly after launching, Rabbi Yonah Bookstein began working as the Hillel Chaplain at Long Beach Hillel along with his wife Rachel who was the Hillel Director. Wanting to revitalize their Hillel Chapter they decided they needed a new and updated Web presence. They got in touch with David Abitbol (ck) in Montreal to help them build a new Web site. That’s when Rabbi Yonah discovered Jewlicious. He shared with Abitbol the plans he and his wife had dreamt of for the creation of a Jewish festival. After some discussion, the Jewlicious Festival was born and the first one took place the following March.

Since then, Jewlicious has enjoyed millions of visits, spawned a number of projects and has received acclaim from numerous sources.

Jewlicious is a Jewish, non-denominational organization that allows young Jews to make informed decisions about what role Judaism should have in the evolution of their personal identities. Jewlicious is a grass-roots community that celebrates, contemplates and investigates questions of Jewish identity. Our dedication to Jewish unity and building bridges means that we welcome all Jews regardless of their political and religious orientation.