Legitimate Military Targets?

Evil Zionist Settlers?

I am often perturbed by the endless debates we have amongst ourselves – you know the old routine, 2 Jews, 3 opinions. I guess maybe it has something to do with our Talmudic tradition that often argues and dissects the minutest point in order to arrive at some greater truth. Case in point is the ongoing discussion at the Orthodox Anarchist about err… let me see, whether the Irgun was a fascist organization, whether Israelis on the hot side of the Green Line are legitimate military targets, whether 54 years of having to defend yourself makes you a militaristic zealot, yadda,yadda, yadda…

Dang, Jews chatter a lot. Look at all the friggin blogs out there that are Jew oriented, this one included. Why the heck does everything need to be so complicated? Why do we have to beat on ourselves so much? Look, I know we’re a very moral and idealistic people, a light unto the nations and all that. But seriously people, can we have some perspective? Zionism was meant, in part, to normalize the Jew. With a state of our own, we could be men just like everyone else. Yes, we still have that light unto the nations thing to deal with, but when can we say enough is enough? At what point have we gone beyond pursuing our ideals and entered the realm of being, well, idiots?

I am sitting here and reading as Jews argue the legality of the security fence or apartheid wall or protective barrier or whatever. One day the collective international “they” declare it illegal, and the next day they start building one of their own… and ask for our assistance! And yet, the Jews continue to argue. Someone out there somewhere has got to be laughing their asses off …

And then there’s that all abiding concern about Green lines and occupied territory and Palestinian suffering… Look, I am not unsympathetic. I supported Oslo, I supported Rabin, I supported every and any initiative that would have given the Palestinians a state and helped ease their lot. I still do in fact. But you know what? We’ve gone beyond our obligation under the light unto the nations thing. Some people are just so consumed by irrational hatred that they cannot help themselves. We’ve done what we could and now it’s time to rejoin the community of nations and begin acting in our own self-interest.

Let the Palestinians take care of themselves, we have plenty of our own problems to deal with. Let them clean their house, rid themselves of incredibly corrupt and murderous leaders and let them suffer the consequences of their decisions and their actions. I wish them well, but it’s time to move on. Especially when I have to be subjected to ridiculous internal debates amongst Jews. Look, it’s simple – they lost, we won. We’ve shown them far more consideration than they would have ever shown us. Enough. I hate it when we look like idiots.

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