Why is Matisyahu on a Vespa at the Jewlicious Festival?

200 mpg Baby!

75 mpg Baby!

Anyone in the vicinity of the Alpert JCC in Long Beach last week may have witnessed somewhat of a bizarre sight – a grammy nominated, Hassidic hip hop/reggae artist puttering around the parking lot in a totally sweet Vespa scooter. The Vespa LXV 150 to be exact. It’s a sweet machine, with long standing hipster cred, a highway safe maximum speed of 59 miles per hour and, in keeping with the Greenkeit element of our Festival, capable of 70-75 miles per gallon. Wow. And did I mention that it was hellaciously fun to ride too? Yeah… sometimes running the Jewlicious Festival can be loads of fun! How much fun? Well, Matisyahu owns a Harley and he was still all giggly riding the Vespa. Thank you good people at Vespa for lending us your awesome scooters! As for the rest of the Festival? Check out the pics below:


Jewlicious' Jewlicious Festival 5.0 photoset Jewlicious’ Jewlicious Festival 5.0 photoset

Obviously more to come later…

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