Mazal tov!

Hip Hop Seder Box

Hip Hop Seder Box

Congratulations to the winner of Modern Tribe and Cool Jew‘s Hip Hop Seder Box rockin’ Passover Giveaway, Maya Grushansky of Los Angeles.

The Hip Hop Seder Box features
* Cool Jew
* Moses Action Figure
* So Called Seder Hip Hop Hagaddah CD
* Zelda’s Marshmallow Kosher for Passover Chocolate-Covered Frog

Mazal tov all around! Thanks to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for more chances to win in our upcoming Shavuot and Mother’s Day (for hip moms, hot mamas and “Shalom, Mother f*ckers”) Giveaways.

Meanwhile, have a very happy Passover and an awesome Hip Hop Seder. Because who ever you are, and where ever you may roam, it’s cool to be Jew.

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