Seltzer: Addicted. Since childhood. And I’ve been halishing over a SodaStream since I first discovered one at my dear friends, the Hollanders z’l, in Jerusalem years ago. BTW (Haslishing is comes from the Yiddish word for “weak,” and it translates to something like weak in the knees.)

Thanks to the good bubble-lovin’ people I met at BlogHer ’13 this summer in Chicago, I finally got one. And it’s every bit as bubbly as I knew it would be. A two minute set-up, and no more schlepping heavies home from the store. Comes with a bunch of fun flavors to road test, too, with no high fructose corn syrup, way less carbs, and no aspartame in the diet versions. When you run out of gas, you simply exchange the canister at a ton of retailers.

Goodbye, empties. Hello, reduced carbon footprint!

This sleek machine takes up a minimal amount of counter space and has an LED read-out that tells you how much fizz you’re shooting into each bottle. Because Rosh HaShana is upon us, we thought how sweet it would be for you to have one all your own! The Source Metal SodaStream, pictured here and designed by world-renowned designer and social entrepreneur Yves Béhar, is up for grabs in the Hot Mamalah Sweet Holiday Giveaway.


Our fab prize package includes the Israeli-made SodaStream, plus copies of my books, Cool Jew and Hot Mamalah, a lovely pomegranate Shema-OR pendant for the New Year, and an awesome Thanksgivikkah t-shirt from, a Tea Lovers Set, Mama Doni‘s “Emunah” CD and her Get Cooking: A Jewish American Family Cookbook with Rachel Harkam. There’s also Sam Glaser‘s latest album, “The Promise,” and for all you sistahs taming the jewfro, a bottle of Kosher Kurls! Last but not least, you can also get your hands on LaunchBox, which includes a CD, comic, games and the fabulous Am Echad magentic poetry set to express your own fabulousness.

My Auntie Leah obm at Kibbutz Yagur followed the custom of giving gifts at Rosh HaShana. During my junior year abroad, she presented me with a feather pillow for my dorm at Hebrew U. Where ever you are, as our new year gift to you, all you have to do for a chance our Hot Mamalah prize package valued at more than $350 is enter to win! No purchase necessary, for residents of the U.S. and Canada.*

Have a wonderful, joyous happy new year and a very sweet run of holidays, written, signed and sealed for your greatest and highest good.

Still reading? Enter to win!

*All the other standard fine print blah blah blah applies.

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