Leadel.net Jews That Do Video Contest

One Week Left!

I love contests that are fun and easy. In that respect Leadel.Net’s Jews That Do video contest scores 100% on both counts. It’s fun and easy because for a video contest, it doesn’t require any superb equipment or spectacular cinematographic skills. The folks at Leadel just want you to feature interesting Jews, and interesting is defined broadly. For instance check out this entry below. The featured Jew is an anonymous husker in Jerusalem’s central market, singing Jerusalem of Gold, middle eastern style:

This video looks like it was shot on a cell phone, but it’s still pretty darn sweet! Speaking of the Shuk, another entry, also shot and edited very simply, features one of the great characters of the Shuk – the Yemenite healer man? What does this Jew do? He sells various juices with various healing properties. Listen to him talk about what he does (is that Darboukatron by Soulico in the background??):

So as you can see, this is a hella easy contest to enter and the prizes? Not too shabby at all! A 13 inch Mac Book Pro, 2 iPod touches and some iPod Nanos – as well as the opportunity to have your videos viewed by a whole mess of people! Walla!! So nu? If you know any remotely interesting Jews… shoot them and maybe you can win something. And apparently they don’t all have to be denizens of the shuk. Oh, and you have one more week to enter. Good luck! Visit Leadel.net for further contest details.

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