Bar Rafaeli and the Boys of Jersey Shore

Terry Richardson is too, too clever…


Interview Magazine recently did a photoshoot/Interview featuring the boys of MTV’s Jersey Shore cavorting with Israeli super model Bar Refaeli. Controversial photographer Terry Richardson took time off from behaving inappropriately with young East European models to shoot this homage to tackiness, chemically enhanced muscles, and the end of the Jews. The end of the Jews? Well yeah, I mean what do we have here? Arguably one of the most famous Jewesses in the world today feigning fellatio with a bunch of self described guido reality TV “stars.” I mean what could be more B-list?? More déclassé? More gauche?

But it gets better (worst)! Look at their shoes, dude! The shoes!! Where have I seen those colors before? Ah yes… “Red is for our swords, White is for beace (peace), green is for our land and black is for our enemies” – the colors of the Palestinian flag! And who first coined the term “Palestine?” Why it was Emperor Hadrian who, after suppressing the Bar Kochba Revolt, at great cost, renamed Jerusalem Aeolina Capitolina and built a temple to Jupiter atop the ruins of the Second Temple. He also renamed the region Palestina in an attempt to eradicate the areas Jewish identity. And who was this Hadrian guy? Basically just another Italian guy, but in charge of a whole empire. See how all the pieces fit together? See how they diss us? This is mass media people! Magazines, Television, popular culture! I thought we ran that shit? And… if we don’t, and if our women are going to be debased in National magazines and on the Internet, could you all please stop with the Jews control the world anti-Semitism then? Please? Because clearly, we don’t.

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