NYC Event: Zoe Klein, Heeb Magazine and Drawing in the Dust

Free stuff for Jews, June 8th

Zoe Klein believes that “There is a thread of love which holds everything together.” What this has to do with anything we’re not really sure, but Klein’s new book, “Drawing in the Dust,” delves deeply into Jewish history, merging lost relics, biblical tales, a cross-cultural romance and even a lyrical counterpoint to the Book of Jeremiah.

More to the point, Heeb Magazine is throwing a party in Manhattan for the paperback release, and they have been keen on us telling you about this–presumably because the plot takes place “in present-day Israel,” and very often when Heeb gets involved with something “in present-day Israel,” they start nudging us and pointing to the project. Okay, guys, very nice, but, admittedly, there will be free books and booze there.

The party is on June 8th, at 7pm. So get a free book, and a pint of Original Sin Cider (the first hour). The party is free, of course. Downtown. 206 Ave. A @ Common Ground. And you can be nice and confirm either on facebook or over there at Heeb itself

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