BackStory: Sam’s Viral BarMitzvah Video

horowitzsam1You can hardly shake a lulav without seeing the latest viral bar mitzvah video online. It’s been hyperlinked by Heeb, the Dallas papers, Paper Magazine, MSN, TV Guide, buzz feeds, nearly every jewish weekly, and any site trying to drum up extra pageviews in the kelev days of August.

Yes, Sam Horowitz became a bar mitzvah last Fall 2012. Yes, he has a great burlesque production number at his party (see below). But, here is the more-Jewlicious backstory, the story of a philanthropic kid and his family. Let’s Shep some Nachas, bitches.

In the video, Sam descends to the stage of dancers. Every media outlet says he is dancing a burlesque to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. What they don’t realize is that his parshat was Toldot (November 11, 2012). His portion was on Isaac and Rebekah suffering for two decades without children. Sam’s descending curtain is a womb. The child (Sam Horowitz) is revealed (Jacob and Esau as one) in mid dance. The dance is obviously the hope for peace in the Middle East. His three finger points at the end… the three parties involved in peace negotiations, naturally. Also, the Maftir Aliyah is the story of Jacob going to Laban to marry one of his daughters, and Esau taking a wife as well. This is why Sam is dancing with the mixed multitude of women. Sam pointing his finger three times is also reflective and symbolic of the Haftorah portion by the prophet Malachi, in which he tells the High Priests, “True teaching was in his mouth, and injustice was not found on his lips. In peace and equity he went with Me, and he brought back many from iniquity.”

Sam Horowitz is one of a dozen grandchildren of Carol and Steve Aaron of Dallas. Mr. Aaron founded Steve’s Transport, a refrigerated trucking company, and his family resides in one of Greater Dallas’ top twenty highest value homes. They are also among Texas’ top philanthropists and tree lovers. The JCC bears the name of the Aaron Family, and they led the capital gifts to Congregation Shearith Israel. UT-Austin’s Hillel is a recipient of Aaron family gifts as are Children’s Medical Center of Dallas and National Jewish Health (the old Jewish T.B. Respiratory Center) in Denver. Their bequest to the JCC was $15 million. Steve calls it “just an opening gift.” (Steve, how about an opening gift for Jewlicious Fests?) Carol is a fourth generation Jewish Texan; her father ran a meatpacking plant; Steve moved from Ohio to Texas at the age of 2, and his father wholesaled RTW women’s clothes (wink wink, Neiman Marcus)

Sam’s mother, Angela (Aaron) Horowitz, said that Sam has wanted to perform a dance at his bar mitzvah for the past six years, ever since he saw the Cheetah Girls (You’re So Raven) perform when he was seven. Sam, who has an agent and has appeared in commercials, was the lead in a musical at the Dallas JCC this Summer. He also led several charity projects, including one for Tsunami relief, in past years.

A 7 minute back-story reel that includes a Carly Rae Jepsen lip sync is HERE. (Thank you Elixir Entertainment of Dallas (known for Jewish family wedding and simcha videos)

Is he as good as Atlanta’s Daniel Blumen? (see below). Yes. I would like to see Daniel and Sam in a duet.

Cheetah Girls perform Bollywood Style below:


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