There is a Wall Street adage of SELL ROSH HASHANA, BUY YOM KIPPUR to make some dollars on the stock market.

If you had done that from 1998 to 2005, on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, (assuming no commission fees), you would have realized an increase in your portfolio in seven of those eight years.
In 2001 and 2005, the ten day gains were over 2.7%

In 2019, had you sold the Dow on Rosh Hashana and bought it back on Yom Kippur, the gain was 600 points, or about 2.1%

In 2020, had you sold Erev Rosh, and bought the morning after Yom, your gain would have been 0.8%.

And for 2021, if you sold the DJIA at 35,369 before Rosh Hashana, and bought it back on Friday September 17 at 34,608, you would have a gap of 769 or about 2% for ten days

Happy Sukkot to all.

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