The eScapegoat: Collecting Sins in Preparation for Yom Kippur

Just in time for Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement, which begins at sunset on Friday, G_dcast presents eScapegoat. Escapegoat is a fun tool that lets you anonymously type your confessions in a Twitter-friendly format and also allows you to see the confessions of others. Now atonement isn’t just about confession, and it certainly isn’t about anonymous confession. If you have wronged somebody, you are supposed to confess to the person you wronged, make sincere repentance and offer whatever restitution necessary. As such eScapegoat hardly acts as a replacement for true atonement. That having been said, it might help making eventual atonement easier. Admitting to someone that you wronged them requires that you first admit to yourself that you wronged them. Articulating your confession anonymously to the interwebs and to yourself, might serve as a valuable precursor to, you know, actual atonement. And eScapegoat is fun too – go on, give it a spin!

As for me, I will anonymously confess to something or another involving humus

h/t JewTube

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