The Jerusalem Post reports: Non-Jewish Paris woman suffers anti-Semitic attack.

The youths, aged 15 to 20, stole the backpack of a young mother traveling on the train. Rummaging through her documents for money and credit cards, they found out that her address was in the posh 16th arrondissement of Paris – in fact, her former address. “All the Jews live there,” said one of the youth.

The six then pulled knives, slashed the young woman’s T-shirt and trousers and cut her hair “for a souvenir,” they told her. Then they daubed three swastikas on her belly with black felt pens. When the train stopped at the Sarcelles station (North of Paris), they knocked over the baby buggy holding the woman’s one-year old baby and fled.

And then in typical French fashion:

Some twenty people were seated in the double-decker carriage all the time the six were harassing the young mother. According to the police reports, no one tried to come to her help or even pulled the signal to warn a controller.

This sort of answers the question posed by the International Herald Tribune: French Jews are leaving, but why?

UPDATE: Uh oh. Looks like this whole story was fabricated ….

The JTA reports:

A woman who claimed she and her baby were targeted in an anti-Semitic attack near Paris reportedly admitted it was a hoax.

Police investigating the July 9 incident, in which a woman claimed six youths scrawled swastikas on her stomach, sliced off her clothes and overturned her baby carriage on a train, had said Monday there were a number of contradictions in the woman’s account.

No witnesses came forward to corroborate her story of the attack, which allegedly occurred on a normally crowded mid-morning suburban train. Also, video surveillance cameras on the platform where the woman claimed her attackers left the train failed to identify the alleged perpetrators. According to police sources, the woman has a history of filing complaints, none of which has been pursued by investigators.

The attack was widely condemned in France, with demonstrations against anti-Semitism organized in Paris on Monday and others scheduled for later this week. In an unprecedented action, National Assembly Speaker Jean-Louis Debree suspended a parliamentary debate Monday so legislators could attend one of the rallies.

On Tuesday, after she was taken into police custody, the woman reportedly admitted faking the attack.

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