Boo!When you are in the Saudi Armed forces you need to know lots of important stuff. The Kingdom doesn’t defend itself ya know. Along with the proper operation and maintenance of stuff like machine guns and their sweet, sweet Lamborghini 4x4s (I’m not kidding) the well trained Saudi soldier needs to know important world facts.

Thankfully the Saudi Armed Forces Journal has all the facts in its “Know Your Enemy” section. A recent article, translated by MEMRI offers the following handy tidbits (read the complete translation for the full effect):

The Majority of Revolutions, Coups D’etat, and Wars … are Almost Entirely the Handiwork of the Jews

World Jewry has Established a Shadow Government Run by 300 Satans Who Call Themselves ‘Elders’

The Jews Created Every Scientific or Philosophical Principle or School

The article then urges all the Arab Nations to regain their pride by uniting under the banner of Islam thus eschewing the divisive effect of individual Arab states’ nationalism, which by the way, was also an invention of the Jews, apparently.

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