Tekkiah!Porn and Penitence DON’T MIX!

I was surfing the Web getting info on the upcoming high holidays. I found a great source of general information at zipple.com, truly “The ultimate mish-mash of Jewish and Israel news!” I was at this page titled Rosh Hashanah: Overview where they wrote:

Throughout the month of Elul that precedes Rosh Hashanah, Jews look closely at themselves and their actions during the previous year. They ask God for forgiveness and mercy. They ask family and friends for forgiveness.

That’s cool, because we’re in the month of Elul right now. So I am going to have to ask you all to forgive me for what I am about to reveal. At the bottom of the page there are a series of links for further information related to the holidays. The first link, to http://www.vjholidays.com/rosh/tendays.htm is supposed to get you info on the 10 Days of Penitence. That is however, NOT the case. The site should be called bjholidays.com, not vjholidays.com Please do NOT click on this link if your are offended by hard core porn… And uh, I forgive zipple.com for this egregious offense. I hope y’all forgive me.

Tip of the hat to Yossi L. for the heads up.

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  • Zipple has not been updated in a long time…Their intentions were good however, as Virtual Jerusalem (www.virtualjerusalem.com) is an excellent site. My 02 cents.


  • The VJ holydays.com site has been “bad” for years.

    But the whole virtualjerusalem.com site was bought out when its parent company (VCI) went into trouble in late 2000.

    virtualjerusalem.com is a great site with loads of daily news, holyday content, the kotelcam and a secure chat room.

    It is run by a company called E-Shop that owns and runs a lot of the Jewish internet services and sites.

    My 10 cents

  • My name is Allan Cohen I work for Virtualjerusalem. I can tell you that from what I see the new owners of VJ have every will to make it a even better site and are working at that right now.
    Be loyal and critical but keep an eye on VJ. There site Jewishstreet.com continues to grow slow but steady as well.

    Allan Cohen

  • Yo Allan, we really enjoy Virtual Jerusalem! Keep up the good work!

    Should I now mention that my company ALSO designed the Virtual Jerusalem dating site? This full disclosure thing sucks because we are so all over the place and if I have to mention every little project we’re involved in then these little full disclosure things will look more like self-advertisement than anything else. So to that end I think I will just have an about us section where all our projects will be outlined once and y’all can decide whether we’re being intellectually honest or whatever. Blah.

  • Zipple was one of those sites launched years ago with great fan fare but no real content. amazed the site is still going even though the founders seem to have moved on.

    is VJ still going, I thought it was sold several times.

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