happy birthdayFlorence, Italy is marking the 500th anniversary of the unveiling of Michelangelo’s famed statue of David today. It was exactly 500 years ago today that the statue of David, the slayer of Goliath and much beloved King of Israel was first unveiled. Florence will mark the anniversary with celebrations that will stretch over 9 months and will include concerts , fireworks and exhibitions.

David, standing at over 15 feet and weighing over 6 tons, is considered the epitome of renaissance-era male form and Michaelangelo’s greatest achievement. The statue was sculpted by a 26 year old Michelangelo from a single block of marble over a period of 2 years. Of course this milestone has brought out all the playa hatas. For instance UK Pilates expert Alan Herdman, decried David’s posture and butt and stated that David would benefit greatly from a Pilates regimen.

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  • Uh… the statue depicts King David – King of the Jews. As for his circumcision, I never really looked that closely, but thanks for the info.

  • What an awesome King, David.
    What an awesome Genius, Michelangelo.
    What an awesome peddler, alan.

  • I agree with k.h.’s comment: This statue isn’t of the historical David. He is not circumcised, as King David is circumcised.

  • I bet the Roman Catholic Church of that time wouldn’t have looked very kindly on Michelangelo Judaifying the penis of a statue of a Biblical figure, even if said figure technically was a Jew.

    Then again, they put horns on Moses in a (mistaken) attempt at Biblical accuracy, so I don’t know.

  • So what? Should I take down the post? The statue is meant to depict a Jew – a pretty important one at that. I mean when you think of King David, don’t you kinda sorta think of Michaelangelo’s David or do you really think of Richard Gere in 1985’s unfortunate bomb “King David?”

    So yes, this story is only peripherally Jewish – but still, gimme a break, huh? Allow me my caprices – I really liked the statue and it’s not like I get paid for this or anything….

  • David isn’t circumcised for a number of reasons. 1) Ancient Hebrew circumcision was quite minimal until the hellenistic period when a Rabbi wanted to halt the practice of jews trying to hide their circumcisions so that they could publicly bathe. 2) Perhaps this ‘David’ isn’t of biblical David at all…3) Michaelangelo may have been taking note of the phrase (Men 43: 6) where David is disturbed that the mark of the covenant upon them. 4) It is a piece of art and liberties are taken, plus the intact organ was the vogue of the time.

  • I seem yo have read somewhere that the lack of circumcicion was due to anti-semetic feelings at that time

  • I don’t agree with the comment that the RC Church preferred the statue to be uncut. Jesus was a Jew and circumcised, was he not? This is indeed a Biblical David. Michelangelo was just protecting his muse by cutting out everything else.

  • King David the slayer of Goliath was NOT circumcised. He was a Philistine. And they mocked him for Not being cut..but he showed their asses when he killed the Giant. Getvyiur Bible history correct .

    • David was a Jew. Her just lived with the Philistines (I Samuel 27:1-28:2):
      Immediately after experiencing deliverance from the LORD, David doubts God’s
      protection of his life. In 27:1, David says, “Now I shall perish one day by the hand of
      Saul. There is nothing better for me than that I should escape to the land of the
      Moreover, there is ample evidence that the Philistines began to circumcise in Iron Age II
      Iron Age II (1000–586 BCE) begins with the establishment of the United Monarchy (David and Solomon) and continues with its division into two kingdoms, Israel and Judah.

  • But he is circumcised. Circumcision back then involved removing only the very tip of the foreskin. It became a more radical operation later on. https://www.flickr.com/photos/drurydrama/29752399686 Which sort of begs the question, if the original biblical circumcision was changed along the way then why not change it again from Brit milah to Brit shalom?

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