Boo!MSNBC reports that terrorism related deaths have been on the rise since 9/11. They documented 2,929 deaths in that time period around the world, with 58% of them occurring this year.

Senior U.S. intelligence officials note that in fact, the frequency of terrorist attacks carried out by Muslim radicals is increasing, not decreasing … In fact, the three worst months for Islamic terrorism since Sept. 11 were March (431 dead), February (393 dead) and June (245 dead) of this year. With the three terrorist attacks on Tuesday, the suicide bombing in Israel, the car bombing in Moscow and the execution of the Nepalese workers in Iraq, the August total will rise to 228 dead, the sixth worst month since Sept. 11.

This analysis was made in response to assertions at the RNC lauding the success of the war on terrorism. In other related news, while most Islamic scholars denounced the slaughter of children in Russia as “unislamic,” one Ali Abdullah, an Islamic scholar in Bahrain who follows the ultra-conservative Salafi stream of Islam, stated that “I have no doubt that this is the work of the Israelis, who want to tarnish the image of Muslims.” Another notable quote came from Ahmed Bahgat, an Islamic columnist writing in Al-Ahram, Egypt’s leading pro-government newspaper:

If all the enemies of Islam united together and decided to harm it… they wouldn’t have ruined and harmed its image as much as the sons of Islam have done by their stupidity, miscalculations and misunderstanding of the nature of this age

In yet other news, MEMRI reports the announcemnt of an Islamic conference in London to celebrate 9/11. Party on Mohamed!

By the way, the attached graphic came from an online quizz – Which America Hating Minority Are You?

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  • I’m happy to see Republicans look silly, but the report doesn’t seem like a very convincing response to the war on terror. Rise in terrorism doesn’t indict a war on terror unless it can be shown that on the whole the war on terror has been the cause of increased terrorism. While this might be show-able, it certianly wasn’t shown by a report that merely tells us that terrorism is on the rise.

  • I think what the report shows is that international terrorism has increased since 9/11. That’s all I was interested in – the raw numbers and who the perpetrators were.

  • That wasn’t directed at YOU, egomaniac…it was directed at the following quote: “This analysis was made in response to assertions at the RNC lauding the success of the war on terror”.

    Going to be in London this weekend? Wanna party? These guys do. They’re Al-Muhajiroun, an extremist Islamic group based in the UK, and they’re going to be throwing their second annual 9/11 party this Saturday. Last year’s party theme was going to be…