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NOTE: Shirts now available HERE
We just got advanced notice of some new shirts that will be available early next week for your wearing pleasure. These will include Jewlicious shirts, as well as a Challah is Great shirt in both arabic and english that I am convinced will be a total riot to wear around campus. I mean, who doesn’t love challah? Especially on rosh hashana when you get the ones with raisins in them? Yuum! Challah is indeed great!

Anyhow, click on more below if you want to see more detailed pics. And stay tuned for URLs and stuff where you can buy this.

Challah is Great:

Challah is great



Uh… NFA (National Fiddlers’ Association) ?


I’m gonna get me a whole bunch!

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  • I like the Challah shirt, but the t-shirt-wallahs might check the Arabic. I’m hardly an authority, but it looks like there’s an extraneous letter/word (the waw) in the middle which doesn’t belong.

    (A little mini-waw could go over the final letter letter of Hallah, which is maybe where the what-I-think-is-a-mistake originated.)

  • If you just leave out the waw in the middle you should be fine(*). That’s the unattached snail-looking guy in the middle who dips below the “line”.

    Pictorial version: here’s the first gif I could find. You want to look roughly like that.

    (Except for the difference in the first character — they’ve got the alef as in Allah, you’ve got the 7 as in 7allah. And by 7 I mean het, as in the Mizrahi pronunciation of Hebrew’s letter #8. …um, just drop the tailed-circle guy.)

    (*) Sort of fine, as in it’ll say “Challahu akbar”. As to whether or not that’s good Arabic, it depends on whether or not Challah is considered to be feminine or masculine; if feminine then the Arabic is wrong. Determining whether or not it’s feminine is a little bit less easy then it seems at first (depends whether it’s an Arabic word — is challah used in Jewish Arabic? — or if it’s a foreign load word, in which case there are rules for determining gender that I can’t remember right now.). Sigh.

  • this is awsome.. i love the moses
    challa rox
    now buy or ill put a gihad on you

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