BarmizfhaEspecially when the real thing is SO exciting!

Hey, Today was really cool! Since Lizzy is Jewish and when Jewish People turn 13 they have BarMizfhas. I went to the the Church part of the Barmizfha and it was pretty Funny and Sad. My mom was crying becuase Lizzy’s mom was being sad and stuff like her speech and all to Lizzy.Once that was over thier was an after party all of Lizzy’s Friends were thier which were mostly all mine also! Wow Keaton looks Hott all dressed up in a Tie! The Dj at the Party was awsome, he had all the music I needed to hear!! It really seemed like Lizzy just got Married it was so decertated and stuff! Very cool. The Dj Paired us up for Slow dancing and so Thank god he didn’t pick me first. The werst thing about it was when 30 Sec. were over the Boy Picks a Girl to Slow Dance With and Conner pikced me Gr..I wanted Keaton,Keaton was Heading my way but then he saw Conner already got me and then he just frowned at me :(.. I HATE CONNER!! He messed up my chance to get Keaton HAHA! I WISH!! Well then it was time to leave.! I was so Tired well Cya!!

Does Kelly get Keaton? Stay tuned to find out.

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