Danes! Watch Out!I can’t fault these Danes for their good intentions and all, but talk about NAIVE. Lebanon’s Daily Star has a detailed and interesting article about an exhibition that is going on now at Beirut’s Espace SD (Stupid Dumbass?) Gallery, by the Danes behind the 5 million Peace March. This march will take place some time in July 2005, and, well… here’s what their Web site has to say:

The march will have two major gathering locations:
1) The borders to Israel of Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. Peace activists will arrive around the 1st of July 2005 and simply march peacefully towards the open city of Jerusalem. In Jerusalem they will stay for two days, leaving it to the international community to administrate it as a free city open for all.
2) Within the city of Jerusalem. Local peace activist will come marching from all over the local neighbouring towns and cities.

So the plan is to get 5 million equally clueless individuals to gather at Israeli-Arab border crossings and then simply march into Jerusalem. Right. I think these guys should stick to Danish butter cookies. Either that or they should lay off of the breakfast muffins from Christiania. Whatever… should be interesting though. Heck, I signed up! I’m number 112. Let’s see now, only 4,999,888 to go!

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  • Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…

    I’ll be in Israel in July 2005. Maybe I should pop by and celebrate Jerusalem’s internationalization with all 500 or so of the fresh-faced European kids who wind up going. Give them a nice falafel and whack upside the head…

  • Well sign up then! Click on the “Participate” link and add your name after the suspicious sounding Christos Killah of Montreal….

  • I just wrote to them to tell them that this is the WORST peace idea I have heard of. I also offered them a suggestion, that is to help a local project that helps bring rabbis, immams, and priests to a tent for cofee. http://www.metasulha.org/ You dont have to agree with them, but at least they are not condemning the state of israel, as with every other so-called “peace” group.

  • Hey Rabbi Yonah, nice plug for the Sulha, I worked with them this summer. Absolutely incredible experience based on reality and the grassroots work of people who actually live there and deal with this on a day-to-day basis. read more at deityblog.blogspot.com, or mobius’ blog (Jewschool) when it comes back up.