I have to give these guys props. I’m talking about the Kosher Eucharist blog – based out of NOLA (Tulane), one guy is Jewish and the the other is not. Watch as whacky hijinks ensue! Anyhow, one of their recent postings… well, it made me laugh really hard. I’ll just reproduce it verbatim and then encourage y’all to go visit the blog:

Posted by Chris (that’s the not-Jewish guy):

— begin quote —

From a vague source via the Village Voice:

Commenting on an incident in which two men threw pies at her during an October 21 appearance at the University of Arizona, right-wing pundit Ann Coulter said, “[A]n act of terrorism was committed against me.”


Throwing pies is silly. Throwing pies is immature. Throwing pies is not lethal. Ann Coulter was in danger of nothing other than the soiling of her sensible pantsuit. Acts of terrorism, you histrionic shrew, tend to involve explosions and the deaths of innocent people, not the moderate inconvenience of a woman who likely spent much of her high school career doodling “Mrs. Ann Nixon” in her notebooks. People didn’t like you and reacted. THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE DO, ANN. THAT’S YOUR CAREER. If throwing pies is an act of terrorism in her world, is picking up a penny off the street theft? My advice, Ann: if the outside world is too full of tasty, flaky-crusted TERRORIST ACTS, why don’t you hole up in your house and bake up a storm of mass murder and censorship?

Chocolate chip, please.

— end quote —

These guys are very entertaining, and I was further compelled to give ’em a plug because they left open their stats program and I determined that, let’s just say, they could use a bit more traffic. Oh and we need to suck up to them because thegrandmuffti and I are totally crashing at their place for mardi gras. They think we’re kidding but we’re not. Like I said… stay tuned.

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  • Grandmuffti is pleased to hear about a place to stay during mardi gras. We certainly aren’t kidding! Everyone must go to the Kosher Eucharist immeadiately or face the wrath of the grandmuffti!

  • Oh, except, that was part of the quote. I posted it in the appropriate place on their blog 🙂

  • TOTEN DIE JUDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you hear….we are planning the second Holocaust! This should be even more effective, About time we had some really good old fashion ethnic cleansing, feel free to participate after all…IT’S FREE for all you cheap bastards. Maybe we can wipe out the entire jewish population, you people really are like parasites GO BACK TO ISRAEL, if palestine doesn’t decide to take it.

  • No sprechen ze deutsche, and I understood that loud and clear! If that guy’s in charge, we have nothing to worry about.